Puzzle Page Word Snake May 2 2020 Answers

Here you will find: Puzzle Page Word Snake May 2 2020 Answers. Let me explain how to play Words Snake. Find the words in the grid by touching and dragging with your finder. From each letter you can continue the path up, down, left or right, diagonal moves are not used. As you draw a line on the grid, the letters you’ve marked are spelled out above the grid. When you’ve found a valid word, the letters will animate, and the word will be added (crossed out) to the list below the puzzle. At the start of a Word Snake Puzzle, the starting letter of the first word is highlighted on the grid. Directly below the grid you will see the theme of the puzzle, and the first word you’re trying to find. Use the theme of the puzzle to determine likely words to look for in the grid. The next word to find will often start with one of the unused letters next to the last letter of the previous word. The puzzle proceeds in this way until all the words have been found.

Puzzle Page Word Snake May 2 2020 Answers:

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