Puzzle Page Picture Cross January 30 2020 Answers

Here you will find: Puzzle Page Picture Cross January 30 2020 Answers. Let me explain how to play Picture Cross (Picross, Nonogramms or Griddlers). These are classic logic puzzles where you must use the number clues provided to fill in cells to paint a picture. Now how to play it: deduce which cells should be filled by using the number clues at the beginning of each column/row. The clues list the number of unbroken groups of filled cells that should be entered on that line, with at least one blank cell between each group. However they don’t specify the number of empty cells that may appear before, after or between each group. Start by filling in the squares that logically must be filled for the clue to be valid – for instance, if the puzzle grid is 10×10 cells wide, a clue of ’10’ indicates all the cells on that line are filled, and a clue of e.g. ‘7,2’ has only one valid solution ( 7 filled squares + 1 blank + 2 filled squares = 10).

Puzzle Page Picture Cross January 30 2020 Answers:

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