Puzzle Page One Clue May 30 2020 Answers

Here you will find: Puzzle Page One Clue May 30 2020 Answers. Let me explain how to play One Clue Crossword. These are a twist on the traditional crossword format: instead of a list of written clues, you get a single picture to examine. All the answers are things shown in, or that can be used to describe, the picture.

Tap an empty square on the grid to select a clue, then use the keypad below the grid to enter the letters of your answer. You can erase letters by tapping on their grid squares. Correct answers become ‘locked’ so you can’t delete or edit them accidentally. If you need a clearer look at the picture, simply tap on it to zoom in.

Puzzle Page One Clue May 30 2020 Answers:

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