Puzzle Page Armada Answers and Cheats

Welcome to our website. At this page  you will find: Puzzle Page Armada Answers and Cheats.  How does this puzzle works: Just use the number clues to locate your missing fleet of ships. The Object of the puzzle is to mark every square in the grid as containing a Boat or empty Water. The numbers at the edges of the grid indicate how many squares in that row or column contain part of a boat. Boats never touch each other horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

A few squares containing boats will already be filled in at the start of the puzzle. You can use these clues, and the rules above, to start determining which of the remaining squares should be marked as Boat or Water. You can see how many boats of each size are left to find in the list under the grid. In Standard Mode, the clue numbers at the edge of the grid will turn green when all the squares on the line have been filled correctly.

Puzzle Page Armada Answers and Cheats: